Registrations open February 01

For those who have completed Grade 1, 2, or 3
2018 Prices coming soon!

Join us for our Kid's Discovery Camp 2018 : July 16-19

Summer 2018 will have all our Campers buzzing with activity. We have an awesome 4 days planned! Come scale the WPC climbing wall, race RC cars against your cabin buddies and other campers, develop your archery skills at the archery range, build sand castles and swim at the lake, play outdoor games like balloon volleyball, and use your crafting skills on a project you can take home at the end of the week. And we won't forget our crazy camp games like The Amazingly Crazy Race or Granny's Candy Bags! Be sure to register so you don't miss all the great fun of Summer 2018!!!

*Free Bussing Available*

 Sponsorship Available!

Discovery Camp:
Drop Off:   TBA
Pick Up:     TBA

Director:  Janna Hickey
Hey Kids! It's going to be a Splashing, Climbing, Rip Roaring 4 days of FUN! Don't miss it!